Wellington is famous for the breeze that’s been known to pick up from time to time but perhaps not so well known for being a rock climbing destination. In truth the greater Wellington region provides a range of rock climbing opportunities for climbers at all levels and all within easy travelling distance. From the bouldering opportunities at Baring Head to some other delightful seaside climbing, Wellington has a lot to offer. When it comes to alpine climbing, generally you will find Wellington climbers heading north to the Tongariro area and across to Taranaki or making the trek to the South Island. The Tararua range in the winter also provide climbers with a chance to get their crampons and axes out.

The Section

The Wellington section of the NZ Alpine Club has a large, active membership. The section runs both rock and alpine courses each year and provides support to enable members to develop their climbing skills through club trips. An annual photo competition takes place in the middle of the year providing budding photographers with an opportunity to show off their skills and be in for a prize or two.


The Wellington Section normally meets on the first Thursday of each month at 6pm at the Tararua Tramping Club, 4 Moncrieff Street, Mount Victoria, Wellington. Generally the evening will consist of a brief update from the committee, a presentation about adventures in the alpine environment, a skills or information session and an opportunity to chat and network with other section members over a drink. Occasionally this pattern varies a bit so if in doubt, check the latest Vertigo (our mostly monthly digital newsletter) or go to our Facebook and Instagram pages. 

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The club runs a variety of trips in both the North and South Islands. Trips are pitched at different levels to provide opportunities to those who are just starting out as climbers through to those climbers with more experience. Tukino is proving to be a popular destination for rock, general alpine and ice climbing as well as ski touring.

The section runs a number of snowcraft courses each year. Details for these, including registration form, are usually available in January each year. The section also runs Summer Rock with details and registration forms available in December each year.

Request A Refund or Expense Claims

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Gear Hire

We hire gear out to members at a charge for a nominal fee, some items require a deposit.

Our equipment is available only to NZ Alpine Club Wellington section members and you will be asked for your membership number on checkout; please also bring your membership card along with you when you pick up the gear.

Pick-up and Return: Wednesday nights in Brooklyn refer to booking email for the times

For large groups, please all use a common tag in the event field and make one collection and drop off.

Please go to NZAC Wellington Section Bookable Shop to hire gear.

For any questions, our gear custodians Owen and Catherine can be reached via email.


A bond of $50 exists for hire of a PLB.

To successfully hire a PLB, you must email the following to gear@wellingtonalpineclub.org.nz

1. Name

2. Detailed trip intentions, including dates

3. Emergency contact details

The PLB will be hired once this email has come through to our inbox. This ensures that the Rescue Coordination Centre has the details they need, should it be activated.

More information about using PLBs can be found here.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION about hire of the Garmin InReach:

A bond of $50 exists for hire of the Garmin InReach.

This device can send the following pre-set messages to an email address of your choice:

1. Delayed but everything is OK

2. Starting our trip now

3. This is where we are

All messages contain location information.

If you wish to hire this, please make a note of the details below and enter these into the Reservation Notes at checkout:

- the email address you wish to send InReach alerts to

- any adjustments to the pre-set messages (the device allows up to five different messages).

Wellington Section Committee

Committee Email: committee@wellingtonalpineclub.org.nz


Chair – Andy Carruthers

Secretary – Tom Firth

Treasurer – Brandon Pizzacalla

Trip Coordinator – Gracie Scott

Snow Instruction Coordinator – Luke Tearle

Rock Instruction Coordinator – Mathew Denys

Gear Custodian – Owen Lynch

Vertigo Editor – Dave Chowdhury

Section Night Coordinator – Izzy Herstell

Banff – Mary McBride

Social Media – Frankie Finnigan

Photo Competition Organiser – Curdin Krummenacher

Club Liaison – James Johnston

Information Management - Owen Lynch


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